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Product Name:AB mixed Glue Dispensing Machine
Category:Department of Dispensing Machine
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1. Gear pumps with high precision mete applicable to high-viscosity two-component liquid coating, potting and molding.

2. Stepper motor drive gear pump

3. Control system use PLC to control

4. To set the speed of stepping motor through the touch screen , precise control the flow and the proportion with digital display.

5. Dynamic mixing evenly and completely solved the Static mixing inequality due to the big difference between viscosity and ratio of AB group.

6. Control mode of both manual and automatic time control mode

7. Plastic valve integrated use of piston and diaphragm. Back suction function of spit glue and excellent glue off function.

8. Optional vacuum deaeration function.

9. Optional heating function.

10. Use car carried installation, easy to move

11. Saving glue.

12. Low cost

13. Models can be customized according to customer specific requirements of different flow, different control methods, and different installation methods.